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Kimmie Announces Extended Tour of Africa

Kimmie with Group

Internationally acclaimed child rights activist Kimmie Weeks today announced plans to make an extended tour of Africa. Weeks says he will spend at least four months between April and August 2006 on the continent overseeing Youth Action International's continuous programs and exploring new areas of need. The extended visit will mark Kimmie's longest period of time spent in Africa since being forced into exile in 1998.

Youth Action International is currently working to rebuild playgrounds destroyed during the Liberian civil war, support orphanages, provide scholarships to war affected children in West Africa, and is working in collaboration with Education Without Boundaries (EWB) to establish the first rehabilitation center for war affected girls. While in West Africa, Kimmie will travel between Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana to directly oversee each of these projects.

Weeks is also scheduled to visit Rwanda, DRC, and Sudan to study the needs of war affected children in these countries and identify ways Youth Action International programs can help them.

Throughout his tour, Kimmie will be assisted by a team of American college students who will be working on project development and researching child soldiers in post war conditions.

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