KLW Consultants is a Liberian owned boutique business development and public relations consultancy firm.   The company has representatives and a presence in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea and can have boots on the ground in several other African countries within 48 hours.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kimmie Weeks has years of experience working across the region and providing support to various organizations, and institutions in complex situations.

For new entities, KLW Consultants offers the knowledge, local expertise, knowhow and connections to help any size entity legally establish itself in country and get moving towards achieving its goals.    Many companies make the mistake of spending a lot of valuable time and energy trying to traverse local landscapes to establish themselves.    Many company’s get frustrated with the process and eventually are forced to close ship before they’ve even had the chance to get started.    KLW Consultants takes away this burden and fully establishes and ensures that a new company is in legal conformity within ten days.

For established organizations, KLW provides a wide array of solutions including marketing, public relations, lobbying, survey and data collection, damage control, speech writing and more.