Over the years, Kimmie Weeks has founded or co founded several companies and organizations in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the United States.

Each of them provide employment and serve a purpose. These businesses and organizations are many, but we have highlighted a few which are noteworthy:

  • Integrum Scientific: Kimmie Weeks is a co-owner and Senior Director for African Logistics for this US based company.    Its mission is to improve the effectiveness of global and local clinical research initiatives by promoting prevention, preparedness and awareness. Read More>>>
  • Transcend:  Is a privately funded microloan company which provides training and microloans for small businesses in Liberia and in Sierra Leone.   It also hosts various community based workshops and programs to help place people in an awakened mindset to help them break out of poverty and transcend the obstacles they currently face.  Read More>>>
  • Youth Action International: was founded by Kimmie Weeks while he was in college at Amherst College.  The mission of the organization is to provide vocational and technical skills training for high school students in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Kimmie Weeks currently serves as Executive Director of Youth Action International, but will transition this year.  Read More>>>