Kimmie Weeks has supported young musicians in Liberia for over ten years now.    He started the program after meeting many young Liberians who had a passion for music and the arts. They had so much talent but it was being hidden simply because they did not have the resources to bring their gifts to light. 

Music plays an important part of the Liberian culture and landscape. The country has been blessed by many young people who have beautiful voices but unfortunately many of these talents are not experienced by a larger national or international audience because the cost of recording is far more expensive than most young musicians can afford.

Liberia is faced with high unemployment and poverty. Most Liberian families live on less than a dollar a day and often families have difficulties paying for basic health services such as healthcare and education. Considering that the cost of producing a single song is $150, it makes it difficult for most young musicians to be able to record their music and as a result their dreams are never achieved.

Every two years, five young people are recruited and signed to KLW Entertainment.   The program discovers and funds Liberian musicians to help them get to the next level.

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