Kimmie Weeks personally funds a number of important projects that he is passionate about.    Many of these projects were previously funded by Kimmie Weeks and implemented by Youth Action International.   However, in 2021 as the organization transitioned to focusing exclusively on vocational training, these projects are now implemented though the Kimmie Weeks Initiatives. 

The three projects which fall under the Kimmie Weeks Initiatives are: 

  • Emergency health initiative:  comes out of Kimmie’s near death experiences during the Liberian war when he was sick and did not have access to basic health care.  The fund provides aid for families and individuals who have a sick relative and cannot afford to go to a local clinic or hospital.    The health fund targets 100 beneficiaries a year. Read More>>>
  • Education assistance initiative:  similar to the health initiative, the education program comes out of Kimmie’s experience living in Liberia and having difficulties finding money to  pay for his education. Every year, scholarships are offered in three categories:  academic performance, need based and assistance for young people who have been accepted to universities outside if Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Read More>>>
  • Talent discovery and development:   Over the years, Kimmie Weeks has discovered and funded several Liberian young musicians.    Many talented young musicians are never able to record and distribute their music because they cannot afford the basic cost of self recording, this project helps to bring their dreams to life.  Read More>>>